Representation of the People

This is an important function of the County Assembly to encourage and facilitate participation from you, the people, in the process of the Assembly. In fact, the constitution says that there must be public participation in what goes on in the County Assembly. So make sure you make your voice heard in the County Assembly. The County Assembly of Marsabit provides a county forum for the public consideration of issues and facilitates the involvement of the public in the processes of the Assembly. The access to the institution and its members and information provided to the public remain a vital focus of the assembly. Public participation activities include public hearings, outreach programmes, broadcasts, television broadcasts, publications, newsletters, promotional material, the website, etc.

Legislative Mandate

County Assembly makes new laws, changes existing laws and repeals laws that are no longer needed. Laws can be made in different ways.

  • A bill (draft law) is introduced in the Assembly by a County Executive Committee Member, a Deputy County Executive Committee member, an assembly committee or an individual Member of the County Assembly (MCA).
  • Most bills are drawn up by county government department under the direction of the relevant Minister or Deputy Minister.
  • A bill introduced by a member of the executive must be approved by the County Cabinet before being submitted to Parliament for processing.

Oversight Authority

County Assembly of Marsabit and Oversight

The true test of democracy in Marsabit County is the extent to which the County Assembly can ensure that County Government remains answerable to the people. This is done by maintaining constant oversight (monitoring) of government’s actions. The County Assembly and its Committees have powers to summon any person or institution to give evidence or produce documents, and to report to them.

Constitutional Mandate

The Constitution states that County Assembly has the power to conduct oversight of all organs of the County Government.

Word from the Speaker

I take this opportunity to welcome you to our official County Assembly Website. As your Speaker, I will do all that is lawfully and humanly possible to facilitate the process of passage of county governance laws and setting the pace for the sustained economic growth and development of our beloved county, Marsabit. The County Assembly of Marsabit, as a people’s Assembly will represent, legislate and oversee good governance in our county. - Hon Matthew Loltome

Word from the Clerk

The purpose of this website is to act as a link between the Assembly, the electorate and all stakeholders. It details the commitment of the Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) and Staff in ensuring that Marsabit County is well represented, necessary legislations are enacted, and oversight of the Executive is done accordingly. It thus conveys our vision of becoming an effective, efficient and transformative Assembly. - Mohammud Kamaya

Nominated MCA Chair Administration, Coordination and ICT

Nominated MCA

Nominated MCA Chair- Transport, Roads and Public Works

Nominated MCA Chair- Justice,Legal and Delegated County Legislation Committee  

Nominated MCA Chair- Inter-county relations Committee

MCA Loglogo Ward Chair Public Accounts Committee

MCA Marsabit Central Ward Chair Water, Environment and Natural Resource Committee

MCA Illeret Ward Majority Chief Whip

MCA elected  North Horr Ward

MCA Torbi Ward Chair Trade,Industry and Enterprise Development Committee

MCA  elected Obbu Ward

MCA Moyale Township Ward Chair Security Committee

MCA Golbo Ward, Chair Lands, Energy and Urban Development

MCA Sololo Ward Chair Culture,Gender and Social Services Committee

Elected MCA Laisamis Ward

Elected MCA Loyangalani Ward Minority Chief Whip

MCA Sagante/Jaldesa Ward, Chair Education , Skills Development, Youth and Sports Committee

Elected MCA Dukana Ward

Elected MCA Butiye Ward

ELected MCA Karare Ward

Elected MCA Maikona Ward

Elected MCA – Heilu Manyatta

Elected MCA KArgi/South Horr Ward

Nominated MCA

Hon Sadia Araru is a nominated MCA

Daud Tamasot is the elected MCA Korr/Ngurunit Ward